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The path to functional programming

Online, interactive courses for developers who want to learn functional programming and improve their programming skills.

We offer comprehensive, interactive online training on functional programming and data engineering using the Scala programming language

Ready to take your functional programming journey?

Functional programming enables building software that is easier to maintain, more stable, and faster to evolve, and we will teach you how.

Following one of our interactive courses is the fastest and easiest way to get up-and-running with Scala, Cats, and functional programming in general

Valuable skills

Learn to build more robust software using FP and test-driven development, and get your knowledge certified

Interactive exercises

Run code directly in your browser, without anything to install. Solve interactive puzzles and learn by practicing

Real-world examples

Microservices, data transformation pipelines, real-time analytics... Learn to build the apps people will actually pay you to build

Lambda Town

The smartest way to learn Scala & functional programming

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